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When you have a vehicle in need of maintenance, look no further than All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora. Our team of auto mechanics are proficient in all manner of auto and diesel repair and strive to provide quality auto and diesel repair maintenance to all our customers. Did you know that your air filters need to be inspected every two months? And your oil should be changed every 3,000 miles.

At All Time Gas and Diesel in Glendora, we know that the best defense is a good offense. That is why maintenance is so crucial! Adding brake fluid when necessary, inspecting hoses, and replacing shock absorbers are just some of the ways that you can keep your vehicle in good working order. Auto and diesel repair are just some of the ways we can provide maintenance for your vehicle.

All Time Gas & Diesel has been providing the communities of Glendora with the best maintenance since 1971. We are known for our attention to detail, and our loyal base of dedicated customers know we will always look out for them:

“The best customer service in a very very long time. Scott was a real gentleman. He described every fix in detail and was extremely honest and informative. The owner takes extreme pride in making sure your truck leaves his shop in perfect running condition! I will always be a customer!”--Christian P.

Your vehicle has to have maintenance. We can help. Whether it’s replacing timing belts or inspecting brakes, All Time Gas & Diesel in Glendora is your go-to place to get the auto and diesel repair job done safely and effectively. Don’t wait until something breaks down. Bring your vehicle in for maintenance with us today! Book your appointment online to get your vehicle the maintenance it deserves! We are located at 610 S. Vecino Avenue in Glendora.

Component Weekly Monthly Every 2 Months Special Note
Air Filter     car Inspect and replace when dirty.
Antifreeze car      Add 50/50 percent solution when needed.
Battery       Check with every oil change.
Belts   car   Inspect for slack between pulleys.
Brakes       Inspect annually.
Brake Fluid   car   Add approved type when needed.
Engine Oil       Check level every other fuel fillup - change every 3 months or 3,000 miles.
Exhaust       Have emissions checked yearly.
Hoses   car   Inspect for softness or bulges.
Lights       Keep spare bulbs and fuses in vehicle.
Oil Filter       Replace with every oil change.
Power Steering Fluid   car   Add approved type when needed.
Shock Absorbers       Replace when worn or leaking.
Tires   car   Inflate to recommended pressure level.
Transmission Fluid   car   Check with engine running - add approved type when needed.
Washer Fluid       Check every other fill up.
Wiper Blades       Replace yearly or when smearing or chattering.
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