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  • Water on the passenger side floor?

    Posted on 30, August, 2016

    It can be several things including coolant leaking in from a bad heater core or water leaking in from rain  but often we find that the evaporator drain tube is plugged with debris causing the normal air conditioning condensation to back up and spill over into the vehicle. just like anything else, the  A/C drainage system requires periodic maintenance.

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  • 3 Tips to Drive Safe in the Rain

    Posted on 05, February, 2015

    1. If you start to hydroplane, press on the brakes multiple times rather than one hard time.

    2. Make sure your brakes are clean and working, talk to your Glendora mechanic at All Time Gas and Diesel if you are unsure! Good brakes save lives during a rainy Spring season.

    3. If there are any cracks or tears in your windshield wipers, come by to have a clear view of the roads again! We'll install that promptly and professionally.

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