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ASE Certified
Since 1964, the focus of All Time Gas & Diesel auto repair has been to provide the highest quality repair service and products to our customers. Innovations in the Automotive industry mandates that we move swiftly, to stay in stride with the ever-increasing sophistication of today's automobiles. We no longer can simply wait for the industry, we must be part of it's continually evolution to ensure your investment is maintained and the safety of you and/or your family remains intact. Stop by and let one of our professional technicians diagnose your vehicles symptoms or simply stop by and see our facility. There's no job too small when it comes to the reliability of your vehicle and more importantly, the safety of your family.
We Service
Service Equipment
 Oil and Filter Change
 Shock and Strut
 Air Conditioning Work
 Electrical Repair
 Computer Diagnoses
 Tires (All Major Brands)
 Tire Rotation and Wheel Balance
 Specialty Service (Banks Power)
 A/C Recovery and Recharge Machine
 Computerized Wheel Balancer
 ACCU-Turn Brake Lathe
 Blue Point A/C Manifold Gauge
 MAC A/C Manifold Gauge
 Computerized Trouble Shooting Scanning Equipment
 Rim Clamp Tire Machine
 Vehicle Lifts
 Pressure Washers
 Engine Lifts
 Up-To-Date Service Information